Bali, Indonesia is a popular travel destination known for its idyllic beaches and surf break. This island destination is even named the Island of the Gods! However, it has more to offer than a beautiful coastline — Bali is full of off-the-beaten track places to explore and offers something for everyone to enjoy: families, honeymooners, adventurers and the sun-seekers!

Read on as we uncover some of the most unique activities you can experience and book during your visit.

Take cooking lessons

A Balinese cooking class is the ideal way to discover Bali’s colourful cuisine, and you can find cooking classes available to book at organic farmsteads, local villages, and even family homes across the province.

For an authentic experience, choose a cooking class hosted by a local chef in the jungle surroundings of Ubud. The first likely thing you’ll do is head to a morning market to experience its vibrant atmosphere and stock up on ingredients. After this excursion, it’ll be all about learning the different ingredients and cooking techniques in a workshop!

Visit Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Located in the lush green hillsides of the Tabanan Regency, the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are Bali’s iconic symbol and definitely worth a visit! You’ll be awed by the incredible view of contoured rice fields that span over 600 hectares, making them the largest in the province. They were actually designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012!

For a unique way to experience this popular attraction, combine it with a visit to the terraces with a view of the 16th-century Tanah Lot Temple at sunset.

Take a trip to Nusa Islands

Its scenic beauty, absence of crowds and teeming marine life make Nusa Islands the perfect getaway from mainland Bali. Nusa Islands offer a glimpse of what the province was like 30 years ago, being made up of Nusa Penida, the largest island with stunning landscapes! It also includes Kelingking Beach, Diamond Beach, Car Temple, and Nusa Lembonganthe second-largest island with beautiful beaches—as well as Devil’s Tears for its rushing waves, and Nusa Ceningan’s beautiful Blue Lagoon.

Visit temples

Bali is home to thousands of temples that each offer a unique experience and insights into its diverse culture. While the rest of Indonesia is largely Muslim, most of the Balinese locals follow Hinduism. Besakih Temple, also known as the ‘Mother Temple’, is the largest Hindu temple in Bali that offers panoramic views of Mount Agung. Uluwatu Temple is also another must-visit for sunset views and to catch a glimpse of the iconic Kecak fire dance.

Visit any temple in Bali and you may be lucky enough to experience religious processions and ceremonies, most of which include colourful attire, mythical animals, and canang sari—a form of offering. 

Photo by Reena Yadav on Unsplash

Trek Mount Batur to see the sunrise

Trekking Mount Batur provides a unique opportunity to hike an active volcano and enjoy the stunning views on the way up! It is located in the centre of two calderas—large depressions when a volcano erupts and collapses—and last erupted in 2023. For a truly unforgettable experience, get an early start—the climb is nearly an hour long! This will also allow you to witness the breathtaking sunrise over Lake Batur.

Lots of tours also include a visit to a coffee plantation like Bali Pulina and Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation, or hot springs (Angseri and Banjar are some of the best) on your way down from the peak.

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